We live in exciting times -These days there are so many people with blogs, and some sort of presence on social media for activities they enjoy. It’s exciting to see this entrepreneurial spirit rising up and people making a good living off their creativity and passions. These pursuits vary from photography, biking, hiking, cooking, running and so many more activities.

I have come across a lot of people requesting brand ambassadorship and or sponsorship and I feel compelled to share a few pointers that I think might be helpful in getting on track to get sponsorship.

2. Have a professional presentation ready

As Benjamin Franklin said By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Having a presentation ready shows a level of professionalism that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Showcase some of your work, include a few images and practical examples – but keep it as clean and neat as possible. Make sure you’ve checked all your spelling and grammar. A neat professional font is also a good idea. If you manage to snag a meeting – a printed bound presentation scores major points.

2. Get to know the organisation

Know the Company you are approaching for sponsorship, who are they? What are they about? What are their values? Companies are run by people and if you show the people you are approaching that you are interested in their organisation and what their organisation is about and the work they are doing, your chances of getting a sponsor increase significantly.

3. Will you add value? Show them how

Remember, you are selling yourself – so go ahead, do a thorough job of showcasing the value you can add to the organisation. It might be some social media presence and exposure to a specific demographic, it might be reviews of their products or an additional selling channel.

4. Have a  professional well managed social media presence or website

Do you have a presence out there? Make sure you have a website or some sort of social media presence, showing who you are and what you are all about. If it’s a business page make sure it’s well run and set up. There are many free templates and website hosting services that don’t cost a much per month, it might be worth investing a minimal amount upfront to make sure you are visible. Make sure to gather some social proof too. Get written endorsements on your media of choice, or better yet a couple of reviews. 

5. Be polite

This might seem a bit obvious – but it is important and seems to be overlooked.  

Good Luck!

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